Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Fun Facts

Can you share three fun facts about yourself?
(I'll be first)
1. For 4 years I raised exotic birds.
2. I like to be spanked.
3. If asked in a rude way, why I am in a chair? I respond that I was in a skydiving accident. (and I have a whole story to back it up).


Bob said...

Three fun facts? That's an interesting question.

1. I hosted a television talk show.

2. I have a collection of all kinds of strange, different kinds of stuff like masks, hats, gadgets, joke stuff, most of which have been given to me as gifts. People just give me strange things. I guess they think it goes with my personality.

3. I don't like to be spanked but one fun thing I would like is . . you know those Viagra commercials where they state a guy could have an erection for 7 hours and to see a Doctor if this happens? Well, that would be fun, wouldn't it? Okay, that would be my third fun wish thing.

Maybe I'm just not a fun guy . . . .

An Artist Exposed said...

Looking at your fun/scary photo for this post - I take it you lost your nose in that skydiving accident as well....

I like your fun fact 2 the best ;-)

Here are mine:

1. I restore musical instruments
2. I have designed labels for wine bottles
3. I have delicious spanking fantasies but a partner who does not want to be spanked

momentextase said...

1)Saved a spiders life by giving it a bath in a tablespoon... long story, don't ask.
2)Polymorphously perverse, multi-orgasmic.
3)Designed and built a machine for making frosting cake decorations, roses, etc.

1)Expert welder, does art in many mediums, plays 5 musical instruments.
2)Polymorphously perverse, multi-orgasmic.
3)Trains cats, all round animal whisperer.

La Roo said...

I love all of the fun facts that you all have shared. This makes me want to know more. I love stuff like this.
Thank you for humoring me.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo you did for this post well here I go.....
1/ I run a safety audit business I started from scratch.
2/ I masturbate at least once a day
3/ I spent 9 years in the Airforce

FntsyMn said...

Great transformation:

1. I spent the prize money (not much but enough) I won in the lottery with a friend, going from bar to bar unitl it ran out.

2. watching a chess game at a nude beach

3. formating my computer and loosing everthing in it

4. playing in a band when I was a teenager

5 living

Red Rev said...

O.K.Heres mine.
1. Was in a wheele chair for a year while the Doc's said I would never have the use of my legs...they where wrong.

2. Served in both the Army and Navy

3. I make movie props and Super Hero costumes.

4. I have Black Belts 6 different Martial Arts styles