Friday, October 3, 2008


If we stay in the same life genre and don't look out at life in yearning, how can we grow? Yeah there is a huge part of me that likes to feel safe and fears change. But the other part of me that is quirky, feisty, and a little edgy, has gotten me this far. I do want to believe this is the true me. I do scare myself sometimes. When I go out of the normal boundaries of life or (so called normal) I feel that there is some kind of secrecy, because obviously I'm not going to say to my family or friends hey...check out what I'm doing. Being open to new life experiences can often close you up in others. That's.... I guess how self preservation works. I need to progress and I am, but not without struggle.

 My question is, do others have feelings such as this?


Bob said...

Hi: Thanks for the offer to place the link to my blog here. Go for it. I'd be pleased if you did.

As for new things . . . when we stop trying new things in our lives that may be a bit unusual then frankly, we're dead to ourselves and everyone around us. Life should be exciting, different, daring, fun, risque for what would it be like without all of that?

I say go for it, be proud of what you do and share it with others. If they look at you strangely, well girl, welcome to the club. Actually, being strange in a strange world isn't half bad. :)

Happy weekend. . . and BTW, the shot in your most recent post is outstanding. It really is.

Britni said...

I love that picture!

And no change is without resistance or struggle. But that's why change is never easy. But its oh so important. What fun would life be if we always stayed the same and never progressed?

An Artist Exposed said...

Firstly, I love the photo very much.

All journeys should be undertaken with a degree of consideration - even if it is a spontaneous one. You can always alter what you are doing with the ebb and flow of your moods... moving faster slower as the mood takes you.

What you are doing is also a work in progress. You will know when to scrape off and repaint and when to forge ahead, living for the moment.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

La Roo said...

Thanks all of you for you inspiring words. They really help in my search and assurance of myself.

momentextase said...

I think it is more about integration... than preservation.

All you are doing is going on a journey of discover of things about your deepest self, your sexuality is a huge part of that.

But no one integrates absolutely everything about themselves with absolutely everyone in their life. I don't even think that is possible! We all each have so many things we relate to..and don't relate to!

For each or your interests and inclinations, you will find people to share that with, but with some things you cherish or are exploring- many people you know will not even care about or want to know about that aspect about you!

I have a real facination for restoring old tube radios and TV's... few people I know care about that and actually could care less.

Also, we are not responsible for what other people cannot deal with or don't want to know about you!

ME: Hi Mom, did you and dad have sex last night?
Mom: Well,...
ME: Great! What did you guys do? Did you cum hard?
Mom: What??????

As much as we would LIKE, in a perfect world, to share all aspects of ourselves with everyone we know or are close to... sometimes it is just not in the cards.

That fact in no way invalidates our journey, or prevents us sharing with others when share paths.

La Roo said...

Thank you, it's like a light bulb went on and you made me feel alright. It's so true what you said.
I know the people that can except me fully and who I will need to be more conservative around.

Gillian King said...

I just found your blog through ISM! I am an artist as well and a new visitor to ISM. I don't normally do this but I felt I had to leave a comment to say that I think this photo is beautiful and I can't wait to see your portfolio! Hopefully soon I will have the guts (and the time!) to attempt a portfolio but yours is a HUGE inspiration.. Good on you for being you and inspiring strangers..