Sunday, August 24, 2008


He laughs, I laugh. The breath we breathe is as one. We live comfortably. We are never apart, even when we are. We make up childish sayings that no one knows. Our dog and bird are our children. We make love with no abandon. He rubs my arm at night and we call it "fwee". I have a blankie, and he doesn't care. We go to adult sex stores for fun. We quit smoking together and both gained weight. We can look at each other and just know. Pushing each others buttons is a good way to start a fight. He still likes to hold my hand. I like to give him a bath and shave him. His hair smells like cake. We've sat up all night together telling our much loved brother-in law with chronic cancer, it's okay to die. He barbecues like there's no tomorrow. We love our 1921 Spanish bungalow. We realize that friends can sometimes be closer than family. We beat the odds by getting married at 21. He doesn't see me as being in a wheelchair. Going to coffee is like going to a bar for us. We both are tender hearted. We like to watch others being sexual. I worry every time he goes to work. He writes me a note and leaves it every morning on the toilet paper roll. Ignorant people make us cringe. Mexican food is one of our favorites. We have fun together and actually like each other. We love deep. 


Anonymous said...

This post makes me want to cry when I read it, it's conscious beauty, this love that you describe.

Thank you for the wake up call, again you are inspiring.

x chica

Anonymous said...

Oh... and this man is very good looking ;)

La Roo said...

Thanks chica.
I want to put it all out there, in fact I need to put all out there. Cause it is ....what it is.

He is good looking on the outside as well as the inside. I'm lucky.

momentextase said...

Awww....this is very sweet. Ya know, from how you have described your hubby before in your blog, what you said here could almost be intuited. Great picture of your hubby too!