Monday, February 6, 2012

What the Feck

I had to giggle today when I checked my email. If you've noticed off to the right side of my blog the ad for:   "I shot myself" (the one pulling the nipple),
well I did a shoot for them about 4 years ago. A little portfolio of some nudie pics that I had taken myself. Thus the name, "I shot myself".
The company that runs this is called Feck. they are based out of Australia. I was turned on to them by a gal that I met years ago on my blog named Chica. She doesn't seem to blog anymore. Her  blog used to be called Chica and her van then was She's on my blog roll and I just can't seem to take her off even though she never writes anymore. I know some of you might remember her. She was the bomb, huh?
Anyways, back to my giggle session this morning. I'm still getting pennies from the Feck site for my little folio I did. Brace yourself for the large amount that I've generated lately....four years later.
Pretty good for a washed up porn star in a wheelchair, huh? Too frickin funny. 
The Feck site is pretty cool though and they are great people to deal with. I would totally recommend it to look at and even do a shoot for. 
They have different sites like,   I shot myself,   I feel myself,  and Beautiful agony. 
The one that I would like to be a part of some day is Beautiful Agony.
(when you go to the site, click the little free video preview on the left)
From my blog roll Sequoia Redd is in the video (she's laying in the circle of girls and talking) and Chica is the girl in the white tank top out in the field and also talking. They are cutie patooties and so sexy. 

I given lots of homework for you to go check out. 
I'm a giver

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Luv said...

Hi Laroo,
Long time not visiting your blog. Hope all is well.
All great websites to visit.
Do you have discount coupons? LOL.